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Exterior Drainage Services In Raleigh

Even though some rain may hit your siding and drain onto the ground at your foundation, the majority of surface runoff comes from the roof. Also, roof valleys can concentrate large amounts of water collected by the roof, and dump those large amounts of water into small areas the surface of the ground, causing erosion, standing water, and so on.. This is where water collection points such as catch basins and french drains come into play. Exterior drainage can keep water away from foundation walls which may prevent a negative grade, erosion, or sinking foundations. Our service area includes Cary, Raleigh, Durham, and surrounding areas such as Clayton, Holly Springs, Apex, Wake Forest, Garner, and more..


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EcoMaster Drainage Services

Few things are as important how well the water on on a property is controlled. Ground water and storm water can threaten the structural integrity of foundations and to spaces below grade such as crawl spaces or basements. Its difficult to fix water damage after the fact, but good perimeter drainage such as french drains and other forms of exterior drainage, both at ground level and well below ground, where your footings are, are relatively inexpensive and simple method of preventing issues.

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Most crawl space and basement water issues can be prevented if the ground around a house is sloped correctly from the start. The ground should be its highest next to the foundation and then slope away from the home. If the ground around the perimeter of your foundation was not properly compacted at the time of construction, it may settle and sink over time. The result would be a negative grade that runs back toward the foundation. This is when fill dirt would need to be brought in and manually compacted or tampered.

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Downspouts and Gutters

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Yes, gutters should redirect the water collected by your roof. However, oftentimes downspouts dump the collected water right at the foundation, causing further problems. At EcoMaster, we attach downspouts and sloped leaders to solid corrugated pipe, bury that pipe below ground and allow to transport that water far away from your foundation to a designated drainage field or overflow area.

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Surface Runoff

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