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Standing water or excess moisture in the crawl space or basement causes high relative humidity and increases the moisture content of wood and drywall. This can lead to mold, milder, and wood rot.

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Elevated relative humidity levels and a high moisture content of wood or drywall surfaces are perfect environments to grow fungus such as mold. Not only is mold unsightly, but it serves as a warning that moisture levels are too high. Most importantly, mold releases harmful metabolites called mycotoxins. toxins are capable of causing disease and death in both humans and animals. So prevent excess moisture in your crawlspace or basement at all cost and eliminate standing water from your property with french drains.

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French drains are perforated drainpipes that collect water. 

Usually french drains in Raleigh NC are made using corrugated pipe surrounded by a filter fabric and an aggregate such as gravel.

Without french drains, standing water also leads to pests. Pest on your property can be disease carrying, if not just plain annoying. These issues can often be greatly reduced by eliminating water source where they like to reproduce, and feed.

French Drains In Raleigh NC

Once the french drain is installed and collecting water, that water is transported via a solid drain pipe to either a sump pump or a low end gravity drain. The idea is to prevent water from sitting against your foundation wall and to prevent standing water. 

Wood rot causes a lack of structural integrity. The last thing you want is a sinking foundation or rotting floor joists. Sinking foundations lead to very costly repairs and rotten floor joists can be extremely dangerous. Your home needs a firm foundation and strong structural integrity.