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​Why Choose EcoMaster, LLC?

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EcoMaster, LLC is headquartered in Raleigh, NC, and specializes in energy efficient improvements. Our contractor services help save energy and money, all while increasing comfort and resale value.
EcoMaster offers a wide range of residential and commercial products, installation, and services. Our products and services include attic insulation, sealed crawl space and crawl space insulation, energy audits, air sealing, french drains, mold remediation, and more.
We strive to improve the quality of every home and property making it eco-friendly and energy efficient.
EcoMaster provides property owners with quality and peace of mind by using only the best products and installers in the Raleigh, Durham, Cary!

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About EcoMaster​

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EcoMaster LLC is a BBB Accredited Insulation Contractor in Raleigh, NC

If your intention is to reduce your power bill and carbon footprint, yet increase the comfort of your property, look no further than EcoMaster! The term “eco” refers to having less impact on the environment, as well as being less expensive to own and use.
• At EcoMaster we are focused on customer service and delivering value. As an Owens Corning Top of the House Certified Contractor, our consultants and installers are the experts in making your property more energy efficient, and comfortable. We are trained by the manufacturer of the products we install and backed by warranties that protect you.
• We are headquartered in the heart of Raleigh. Our products and services are climate specific to North Carolina.
• EcoMaster offers financing for any budget on even the smallest of residential jobs as well as financing for our commercial customers.
• We believe in giving the best personalized customer service. A specific consultant is assigned to your account and you have direct access to them.

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Why Upgrade? - How You can benefit from EcoMaster Services

Benefits of energy efficient improvements include reduced power bills, a smaller carbon footprint, and higher property and resale value. Additionally, a reduction in drafts, improved air quality, and increased comfort come from improving with EcoMaster!


Consistent temperatures felt across every room make for comfort year round. Make living space comfortable and enjoyable by reducing drafts, energy loss, as well as air and noise pollution caused by an inefficient and/or under-insulated structure.

Increased Property Value

Making improvements is the number one way to improve property value.
It also prevents future buyers from lowering the price based on the fact that they will have to bring the insulation up to code.

Decreased Tenant Turnover

Property owners often fail to keep tenants due to uncomfortable living situations such as;
-High energy bills
-Noise pollution due to poorly insulated living spaces.
-Poor air quality

A Better Reputation Leads To More Tenant Referrals

When tenants move out they often refer other potential tenants to your property simply because of comfortable living conditions and how the property is kept. And of course, energy efficient improvements greatly increase the how easy it is to own and operate your property.

Efficiency & Reduced Maintenance Costs

Maintenance costs go up whenever work has to be done on overworked HVAC units. Reducing energy loss reduces the wear and tear on these units. Poor ventilation leads to structural instability. The proper insulation, ventilation, conditioning, and vapor barriers prevents costly structural repairs.

Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality affects allergies and respiratory illness. By reducing the stack effect through sealing and insulating, less air is brought up from the crawlspace and into living space. And EcoMaster only insulates with GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality Certified insulation and seals with non-hazardous mastics and foams.

Be Green

By reducing the energy required to maintain a comfortable living or work environment, we reduce the greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels. EcoMaster and Owens Corning are committed to sustainable business practices; with energy-saving products that make a significant net positive impact on the environment. For example, Owens Corning PINK insulation
not only saves energy; it also helps conserve natural resources by using widely available and plentiful resources—sand and recycled glass—in the manufacturing process. The only fiberglass we use is GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality Fiberglass Insulation which is safe for children and schools.


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