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Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is a process in which mold is cleaned and removed from a building, through professional methods. Mold remediation is necessary in cases where significant growth is present. Mold remediation involves special equipment, chemicals, and cleaners to remove existing mold and prevent future growth.

Why Remediate?

Mold is a naturally occurring organism, vastly spread through most natural environments. When significant mold growth occurs in a home or public building, the healthy and safety of its inhabitants becomes a concern. Mold is linked to respiratory and allergy diseases, especially among infants and the elderly. Additionally, cases of mold can be widespread and unsightly, as well as damaging to the structure of a building.

Assessing Mold Damage

Before any remediation can begin, the mold damage should be assessed by a professional. Also, before remediation, the water source responsible for the mold growth must be found and mended.

Professional Remediation

In cases of moderate to severe mold infestation, professional remediation is the best option. Specialists may be able to remove mold using special tools or methods. The case may be so severe, though, that all materials must be removed and replaced.

Removing mold can be a potentially hazardous task. Disturbing mold releases thousands of mold spores into the air. EcoMaster's certified Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians not only contain the affected area, but also use air scrubbers with HEPA filters to apply negative pressure to the area. Professional grade full face mask are worn at all times during mold remediation which are designed to seal the eye area and respiratory system from floating particles. Skin should also be protected from mold spores and chemicals with gloves and full body chemical suits.

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