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Sealed vapor barriers from EcoMaster not only cover the entire ground within your crawl space, but we also wrap the piers and cover the foundation walls as well. Our sealed vapor barriers are not left open, which causes vapor from the ground to escape and enter your crawl space. All seams are sealed with a professional grade vapor tape. EcoMaster LLC uses only the  thickest mil poly in the industry, structurally reinforced with interwoven crossfibers and a felt backer, preventing your vapor barrier or crawl space liner from tearing or being punctured.

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A crawl space vapor barrier is a material used for damp proofing, that resists diffusion of moisture  to prevent condensation and or buildup of moisture. 

Moisture can lead to mold and mildew which may lead to a lack of structural integrity or hinder a home's air quality.

Vapor barriers are also used to help keep your crawl space looking clean and neat!

At EcoMaster LLC, we install a specially designed vapor barrier in a variety of thicknesses and colors that can be sealed to the crawl space floor, the walls of the foundation, and piers during crawl space encapsulation. If the finished product will be a vented crawl space that is not sealed, a vapor barrier is simply applied and secured to your crawl space floor.

Sealed Vapor Barriers